Mission Statement

The windiest, coldest, highest and driest place on Earth, as much surface area as the Moon, one and a half times larger than the United States, no indigenous peoples, no sovereign rule and dozens of countries operating there – a constant megasession of the U.N.; a place where Policy Wrangling is as important as Science.

Founded in 2008, The Foundation for Antarctic Research, Inc. primary focus is scientific research in Antarctica on behalf of wildlife that is gravely affected by changes in the environment and fishery laws. Projects include the study of the foraging ecology of the Emperor Penguin on Snow Hill and the advancement of the development and testing of the Underwater Bait Setter for Longline Fisheries. These projects are headed by Dr. Graham Robertson of the Australian Antarctic Division. Dr. Robertson is one of the world’s leading scientific experts in studies on the Emperor Penguin and has gained world recognition for his work with the Albatross.

Our administrative Team includes people from all disciplines and walks of life – individuals dedicated to the environment - a love of adventure – and a deep desire to see that laws are instituted to protect our amazing planet.

- Sandra Birnhak, Director

Wandering Albatross ~ Copyright ~ Dr. Graham Robertson