Sandra J. Birnhak, Director

Sandra Birnak

In 2004, following a 25 year career as a film industry executive in New York City Sandra turned her sights to “Green” issues working exclusively with Antarctic scientists. Following seven expeditions to Antarctica she was selected for membership in the prestigious International Explorer’s Club in 2007 as well as being a supporting sponsor for The Last Ocean Project. In 2008 she participated in the nominations for the Pew Foundation’s Marine Science Fellowship Program and is a former Trustee of the Univ. of Florida’s Whitney Laboratory for Marine BioScience.


Dr. Graham Robertson, Ph.D.

Australian Antarctic Division,  Australia

Dr. Graham Robertson, Ph.D.

Graham Robertson is a seabird ecologist at the Australian Antarctic Division. After spending half of his working life as a botanist in arid Australia, he switched to seabirds in the late 1980′s  when he completed an over wintering study on emperor penguins near Mawson Station, Antarctica.

Attracted by the conservation imperative, in the early 1990′s he broadened his horizons to include research with long line fishing industries on methods to reduce their impact on migratory seabirds. His principal endeavor  is to develop science-based solutions to the problem of seabird mortality in long line fisheries and embed findings in conservation measures/regulation. He has conducted research on all long-line fishing methods in the world that endanger seabirds – demersal, autoline, demersal, Spanish system and pelagic.

In 2004 he was awarded a Pew Fellowship to research seabird avoidance methods with the Spanish method of deep water long lining. In 2007 he switched to pelagic long line fisheries. He has completed numerous seabird by-catch avoidance experiments and is currently working with an Australian engineering company to develop an underwater bait setting system for tuna and swordfish fisheries.


Board of Advisers:

Herma van Gerner, Nature Photographer, The Netherlands

Martha B. Lerski, MLS, New York City

Dr. John H. McCormick, United Kingdom