Update on the Crisis in Tristan

I got word this morning that the ship from Cape Town has arrived at Tristan – frozen fish, rescue kits, supplies and much needed help – 6 members (I believe) from SANCCOB.  The people of Tristan – under 280 total – are amazing and have managed to get over 5000 Rockhoppers & Seabirds off Nightingale.  Another ship with a helicopter has just left Cape Town – this will make rescue efforts easier – understand it was requisitioned from the company that owns the ship that went down.  Spoke to Richard Cuthbert at the RSPB/UK this a.m. – it may not be known for up to a year whether or not rats have come onto Tristan from the ship – this would be catastrophic for birdlife.  Right now there have been no sitings of rats.

This is ONLY THE BEGINNING.  Please DONATE if you can – all amounts welcome!  Our funds at F.A.R. go to the RSPB in the UK and are earmarked strictly for Tristan’s Oil Spill.  I’ve been assured this a.m. that your donations will go to the most urgent needs on Tristan – supplies, boots, rescue kits, wash tubs, oil removers and FISH for the ROCKHOPPERS! TONS OF IT!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUED GENEROSITY.


When you get to my page, just click the big orange DONATE button.  It’s so easy you won’t even believe it!

Thanks so much,

Sandra Birnhak

Director, Foundations of Antarctic Research

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